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Kids get help from Danni dog

tbabdanni“I know I’m gorgeous,” chuckles Danni Carrera Beanz.
“But looks aren’t that important to me. I’m more of a thinking type. And a digging type. Yes! Digging holes, now that is special!”
Danni digs, but she has plenty more to offer than just holes in the ground.
She is a “therapy dog”.
And her human, Edith Kriel of Jelly Beanz, is also a therapist.
TygerBurger chatted to the two recently about the “therapy dog” initiative by the Table View-based non-profit organisation that gives hope to children affected by trauma and abuse… Read more



Kisses to ease the pain

Every single blown kiss made it to Sandra’s heart – a kiss to say “I love you”, a kiss to say “Thank you”, and a kiss to give her strength.tbabcancer2
“Beat the cancer and get better soon,” it seemed to say.
The emotional teacher could not hear the heartfelt songs or well-wishes of the children that morning, because she was standing behind a Panorama Medi-Clinic window.
Yet, the message was clear – the three to four-year-old children of Milnerton’s Covenant Kids Pre-Primary School misses her very much. Sandra Wright (59) of Edgemead has touched a countless number of lives in her career as a pre-primary teacher… Read more


Gran conquers Dune 7


tbabwinnie1When Winnie Grobbelaar was 39- years-old and six months pregnant she tried to scale Dune 7.
Back then she only managed to climb up halfway and was pushed the rest of the way. She apparently rolled back down.
Almost 42 years later, the determined Flamingo Vlei resident went back to Walvis Bay to finish what she started.
This time the 81-year-old great-great grandmother became one of the oldest people to climb the 130 meter high sand dune.
The younger onlookers willed her on every step of the way. “C’mon Aunty Winnie! You can do it Aunty Winnie!”
She took a moment to catch her breath when she reached the spot where she gave up so many years ago… Read more




Middle East conflict finds new solutions on the soccer field

Hundreds of years of false stereotyping and misconceptions can be undone by a simple revelation – despite our
differences, we all desire peace.tbabarabjew
What was once animosity between a few Jewish girls and their Arab peers has been transformed into mutual understanding thanks to the Israel Centre of Cape Town (IC), Partnership2Gether and the Peres Centre for Peace (PCP).
Eight girls from the Middle East participated in the recent Rabin Memorial Peace Soccer Tournament at Century City.
Plenty of goals were scored, but the only one that counted was promoting peace.
TygerBurger spoke to two teenagers who grew up in the same vicinity west of Jerusalem, yet their culture and religion are worlds
apart… Read more

Stripes spotted

Table View is the setting of a brand new animation, Madagascar 5: Escape from Du Noon.tbabzebra6
In this movie, Marty the Zebra, was captured by animal poachers, held up in Du Noon before it finally escaped on Sunday evening.
Marty nearly got hit by a vehicle on the corner of Blaauwberg and Koeberg roads much to the surprise of the driver and a security guard.
Fortunately he side-stepped the car with a smooth clippety-clop evasive manoeuvre and took a right turn up Blaauwberg Road – towards Madagascar.
On his way there he noticed a pleasant looking vlei on his right and the absence of cars made it look pretty inviting.
What he’s up to now is a mystery, but it will all be revealed in Madagascar 6: One Too Many Zebra Crossings… Read more