“The allegations of inaction and general lacklustre response from Table View police officers are taken very seriously by MEC of community safety, Dan Plato, as it points to gross irregularity, is highly unprofessional and borders serious misconduct.”
These words by Plato’s spokesperson, Ewald Botha emphasise the severity of the matter that allegedly transpired at Table View police station on Sunday night.
It is claimed that six officers “stood by and just watched” as one man assaulted another behind the counter at the charge office.
Station commander Col Dirk Vosloo said at the time of going to print that the incident is being investigated and that he cannot comment further regarding the allegations.
Eye-witness Schulla Pronk said it was one of “the most bizarre evenings” of her life.
She claims a man, his fiance and her sister were allegedly assaulted by two people while the three, together with a two-year-old child, were seeking refuge at the local police station.
The alleged fiasco started earlier that evening while Pronk was driving.
“I saw a man being dragged on the driver’s side alongside a Yaris all the way from Gie Road down Koeberg Road towards Potsdam Road. He was hanging on to an open window, his feet touching the road every now and again. The car drove quite fast, but one time while it was going slower the man who was hanging on to it lost his grip and nearly rolled in front of my car. I saw that he wasn’t injured and followed the car to Milnerton police station. There the occupants (a man, his fiance, a women and a child) wanted to lay a charge against the other man, but they were told to go to Table View police station, since the incident originated from that area,” explains Pronk.
She says the occupants were clearly in shock and were scared to drive back the way they came. Pronk says their pleas for a police escort fell on deaf ears, so she decided to escort them.
 Once there Pronk heard that the man who hung onto the vehicle had brought the child back home and became irate when the child called another man “daddy”.
He apparently clung onto the car window while the occupants tried to flee.
While they were waiting to be helped, one of the complainants saw the vehicle belonging to the man who tried to assault them pull into a parking bay at the station, says Pronk.
“The man (in the police station) was terrified. He ran to two officers sitting in a vehicle and begged them to help him, but they refused. He then ran into the station, all the way to the back of the charge office desk. The other man, who reeked of alcohol, was accompanied by his sister. They barged into the station, shouted at the three and proceeded to assault them!
“The man followed the other towards the back of the counter, punched him, and smashed him against the glass. I found it very strange that at no time did the six officers who were there try prevent any of this fighting. The man’s sister also attacked the other two women, but my attention was on the two men behind the counter.”
After the chaos settled, Pronk said an officer escorted the man and his sister to their vehicle and allowed them to drive off.
Pronk pointed out to the officer afterwards that the two were clearly inebriated, but she was ignored.
Vosloo said both men opened assault cases against the other.
The Table View Community Police Forum is apparently leaning on the police to fast-track the investigation.
Pressure will also come from higher powers, according to Plato’s spokesperson.
Botha said the matter has been referred to the Department of Community Safety’s Policing Complaints directorate. “Minister Plato will also be taking this specific incident up with the provincial police commissioner, Gen Arno Lamoer,” said Botha.
Pronk’s allegation that the cameras in the charge office are not working could not be verified at the time of going to print.
Pronk said she urged the three to go to the Table View police station. “I was sure they would be safe there. I’ve also always told my children if their lives are in danger they should go to the nearest police station. If one cannot be safe at a police station, where can you be safe?”