This year a pastor from Table View will aim to break eight world records, organise a massive flash mob and, quite astonishingly, read the entire New Testament in one sitting.
That wasn’t a typo.
What’s more, he will be reading the New Testament to a hip-hop beat that schoolchildren from all over Cape Town will be beatboxing.
Durbanville school kids are apparently keener than anyone.
Lukas Korff (aka Miracle Cuzzy) is ultimately trying to spread the Word of God in a way that teenagers can relate to.
In order to raise funds and create awareness of this massive undertaking, Korff will hold a series of astounding feats to go with his previous world records.
On 12 July he will be attempting a “Beat-Box Ultra Marathon” for 10 hours; on 13 July he will be trying to break the Mitt Boxing Speed World Record; on 29 July he will go for the “most catches of a golf ball at 100 metres” (which is currently six); after which he will be attempting a Boxing Mitt Ultra Marathon of 10 hours on 31 August; the fastest round of golf (with a putter nonetheless!) on 30 September; the most 100 metre chips on a golf course on 4 October; and finally the most 100 metre putts on 17 October.
Lo and behold, on 26 October he will be reading the New Testament in 17 hours!
The “who, what, where and when” are the easy parts.
The real question is the “why”.
Korff has a ready made answer for this one: “I was the drug addict. I was the man who supplied drugs to my friends. I was the violent, alcoholic, idiot.
“Then I had my experience, my encounter. My miracle. I was in a car accident in Johannesburg and the doctor said I will never walk again. I literally wasted away on a bed of sheep skins. Then I made a deal with God when I asked him to heal me and, in turn, I will make a change in the lives of others.”
He started his journey on the road of redemption when he became a pastor, but it was only after the tragic death of his first wife.
“She had cystic fibrosis – a long and disgusting disease. And then in 2006 she passed away. The next year I hid under covers, sleeping, drinking, on anti-depressants and then in 2008 it was the Argus.”
“People kept telling me, ‘C’mon. You said if you stand for nothing you fall for anything. Take a stand!’,” remembers Korff.
The inspirational pastor then completed the Argus while riding on a bicycle without a seat.
He laughs.
“I stood the entire route!”
Since then he has broken 13 jaw-dropping world records, such as sinking the longest putt (115 metres), punching a speed bag for over 26 hours, and the fastest round of golf with just a putter in 42 minutes (he hit a 250 metre drive that day!)
All these are impressive, but if he can manage to read the whole New Testament in one sitting, with the force and conviction of an energetic rapper, then it would probably take the cake.
Korff gave a demonstration to TygerBurger, but one should really hear it. How do you write to the beat of a hip-hopping beatbox?
“The in-hab-itants of Je-richo where per-ver-ted with sin-and-corrupt, surrounded by a wall so-thick-that chariots raced on top…”
Korff wants people to donate funds in order to give audio Bibles to kids from 100 schools nationally.
There are even people from Pakistan and South Korea who have expressed an interest in the project.
A portion of the money raised will also go to the Gen-X Youth Centre.
To get in touch with Korff go to his page on Facebook or contact him on 061 014 0988.