A crescendo of colours, a chorus of costumes, a symphony on ice – what an experience!
The hodgepodge harmony of blue, red and yellow sends the heart racing before Peter Pan concludes: “Never grow up if that means you’ll lose the wonder of the world around you!” With these lingering words, Peter flies away to rapturous applause.
And so, Peter Pan and the cast of Disney on Ice’s Passport to Adventure prepare to mesmerise the next expectant audience.
Adults, teenagers and children leave the CTICC auditorium after much applause.
What have they just witnessed? Mickey, Donald, Goofy, Simba, Lilo, Ariel, and ooh, what’s-his-name and Wendy, yes, yes, Peter Pan – all on ice skates!
Captain Hook! A massive inflated crocodile! This show seems to have blown the minds of everyone in attendence (apart from one teenager who wasn’t impressed at all).
“It was boring,” he tells TygerBurger. The other 29 people (both young and old) this newspaper asked couldn’t stop raving about the spectacle.
“I liked it. I loved it! But not the trottodile,” says the three-year-old girl with big eyes.
Her mother is quite surprised by her daughter’s comment, since she initially thought most of the show “went over her head”.
The more analytical reviews of some of the adults were more tiresome.
“I particularly liked the way it was sporadically furnished with light.”
Come again ol’ boy, what?
“The music was mellifluent,” another person is kind enough to add. No kidding! Mellifluent.
To quote Peter Pan author JM Barrie: “If growing up means it would be beneath my dignity to climb a tree, I’ll never grow up, never grow up, never grow up! Not me!”
With that in mind this reporter allows the inner-child to review the Disney on Ice presentation, Passport to Adventure.
The white ice stood cold, before the sudden glare of light startles the audience. We are almost unprepared for the humour Mickey and Donald bring with them in the next moment!
Next comes Timon and Pumba on skates, and with a a big, big ship in the background the two sang famous songs and talked. They waved at us the whole time and we waved back!
Lion King’s wife fell once, but she was brave and just went on and didn’t even cry.
We ate popcorn in the break and then my sister knocked it over and there was popcorn all over the seat.
After the break Lilo and Stitch had all of us roaring, “Stitch! Stitch! Look it’s Stitch!”
We really like Stitch.
We enjoyed the stories of Lion King, Little Mermaid, Peter Pan and Lilo and Stitch being performed on ice. It was fun and sometimes scary.
Then we all went home. Goodbye.