For the Zapp family there is no tomorrow – there is only now.
Besides their four children, Herman and Candelaria Zapp have populated the present with persuasive inspiration and an astonishing narrative of their adventures.
Thirteen years ago the couple from Argentina set out to see the Americas in their 1928 Graham Paige vehicle.
A six-month endeavour evolved into a 13-year odyssey around the globe, and quite naturally two people became six.
Herman (44) and Candelaria (42), along with their four children Pampa (10), Tehue (8), Paloma (5) and Wallaby (4) have been sharing their unexpected journey with people from all over the world.
Last night they continued this trend at Milnerton Aquatic Club and soon they will be on their way to Namibia and then boldly carry on through Africa.

TygerBurger spoke to them before they gave their final presentation in South Africa.

“We are not special. We are just like everyone else, but we are doing something special,” exclaims Candelaria with a heavy Spanish accent.
“If you have a dream you must not be afraid to follow it. Yes, there are many ups and downs – so many challenges – but you must just go, go, go!”
Herman adds: “We know it will be tricky, but that is what we’re looking for! Adventure, challenges… Every day is exciting, every day we don’t know what will happen. That is what keeps us alive and in love, because we work together to overcome.”
The couple left their whole world behind them in 2000 when they bought an old car from a friend in Argentina and set off to Alaska. They had enough money to last them six months.
Through the goodwill of people they’ve met on their journey, neither the money nor the motivation to continue ever dried up.

After the Argentina-Alaska journey they travelled from La Quiaca (Argentina) to Ushuaia (the southern most city in the world); from the West of the USA, through Canada, all the way to the East of the USA; all the way around Australia; from Oceana to Japan, China and India; and then they finally arrived in South Africa.

They wanted to travel through Africa in a year, but SA was so fascinating they’ve been here for more than eight months!
Candelaria explains: “You have it all here! The mountains, the beaches, the trees… Everyone told us we will fall in love with Cape Town and I was worried about this, because if everyone tells you that then you expect too much and be disappointed. But Cape Town is even better than we thought!”
According to Herman people also told them that they will be robbed somewhere along their journey through South Africa – and indeed they were.
“They were right! But they never told me about baboons! Baboons stole our medicine,” he laughs.

The family has been exceptionally fortunate, since they have never been the victim of a serious crime or illness on their 13-year journey.

When Herman and Candelaria were asked to name one (one!) highlight they struggled.
“One?” asks Candelaria. “I would say the biggest highlight is people! Making friends with the locals.”
Another part of the journey that sparkles with wonder was when the family put the vehicle on a raft and rowed through the Amazon jungle.
She adds that the most difficult part of their travels was that very first day when they left their lives behind.
“Your mind had so many questions and there were no answers. It was very difficult to hear your heart. Everybody else also had many questions. The unknown is scary… We were so afraid and fragile the day we left. But we also felt powerful, because we were conquering our fears. That first day our car broke just 65 kilometres into our journey! I think it was very good that we didn’t return back home to fix it, or we might never have left,” says Candelaria.
VRead more about the Zapps on http://www.argentinaalaska.com.