Somewhere in Montague there is a very confused old woman.
So her guesthouse is a portal… A portal?
She looks at her husband and says: “Peter… This afternoon a young man told me our guesthouse is an integral portal… He said that we must welcome the aliens and phone him as soon as the bad guys try to blow up our resonators with their Xmp bursters…”
Peter hardly looks up from his newspaper and says: “Yes dear.”
What either Peter or his wife doesn’t know is that a new Android mobile game called “Ingress” is taking the northern suburbs, Cape Town and the world by storm.
The guesthouse in Montague is one of 200 portals in Cape Town, each a veritable battlefield between the green team and their sworn enemies, the despicable blue team.
TygerBurger acted as mediator and managed to set up a meeting between two members of the blue team and three of the green team.
An uneasy ceasefire was agreed so that readers can find out more about this new and innovative gameplay called Ingress.
Durbanville’s Sean Scott (aka Frosty) leers suspiciously at Kraaifontein’s Auratius February (aka Greenworld) before he says: “Ingress is a new game by Google. If invited by Google one can play it on Android phones and tablets, and it will soon be available on iPhones as well.
Historic buildings are portals in the game and one has to literally go to these portals to attack or defend it.”
The blue team’s Jaco Gunter from Welgemoed (aka Capman) continues where his team mate Frosty left off: “There are two factions, the enlightened ones and the resistence.
“So we make a portal blue and then the other team makes it green. Then we make it blue again and so we go round and round the city and fight for the right to own a particular portal.”
The higher your level the better defences you can build and the stronger your offence is.
The old man and old woman from Montague happen to live in a historic building, so now they have the added benefit of living in a portal.
They also don’t really need to phone the green team when the blues attack, because the greenies will be notified on their cellphones when someone attempts to take it from them.
The old couple also need not worry about any kind of intrusion on their property, since a team can “attack” from anywhere in the vicinity.
The interview continues when Capman muses: “Take the movie Independence Day. You are the guys standing on the roof with signs saying ‘Welcome! Welcome!’ while these UFOs invade us! We are Will Smith flying around and trying to stop the aliens…”
The green team members all laugh and say: “No, no, no!”
Stellenberg’s Willow van der Merwe (aka Qbitza) had another theory: “We are the scientists in the middle ages trying to explain to you that the world is round and you are the heretics!”
From an outsider’s perspective it seems as if these people get on extremely well.
They share a passion of “seeing noteworthy sights and playing a game on a grand scale”.
Qbitza is married to Carol van der Merwe (aka Babayaga) and their son is even in on the game. The keen Greenworld spent more than R1 500 on petrol just last month.
Capman concludes: “If someone sees a group of people standing in front of an old church and staring at their phones they needn’t be alarmed!
“We are not criminals. We are friendly guys, so rather bring us coffee and talk to us!”