tbabbelindaWhat exactly happened on Saturday night, 3 November?
Did the late Nick Krause (35) simply fell off the steps at a pub in Goodwood, was he dragged off – or even pushed? These questions are keeping Nick’s devastated mother, Belinda, up at night.
The one thing she knows for sure is the cruel truth she refuses to accept – Nick will never be coming home again.
“I can’t sleep at night,” Belinda says with tears welling up in her eyes. “I need the truth! Nick and I were buddies. If anything bad ever happened then he would be with me in seconds…”
The only fact that all parties concerned seem to agree on, is that Nick and a friend, Janine Adams, went to Gophers Pub on that Saturday evening and then, as the two were leaving, Nick fell down the steps and slammed against the wall at the bottom.
Within moments the paramedics arrived on the scene and took him to hospital, but ultimately the doctors could not save him.
His tragic death is, however, rivalled by the mystery which led to it and the events that followed.
Janine says she and Nick first went to the beach and then to the pub. “Then I went out to look for him and saw him lying at the bottom of the steps. I was so shocked! I tried to help but people kept pushing me away,” she explains.
Karin Basson, the manager of the pub, says a bouncer asked Janine to leave because she was causing trouble. Nick politely asked if he could finish his beer and then the two were escorted to the stairs. This is apparently verified on the CCTV video footage, which is only kept for a couple of weeks.
Belinda, Nick’s mother, says her partner saw the footage and that she doubts that Nick just “fell” off the stairs. She alleges that someone at the pub pushed him.
Karin flatly denies that it could have been a bouncer. She says the bouncers told her exactly the same thing they told police – that Janine pulled Nick down the stairs before he fell.
Belinda and Karin says Janine removed the car keys from Nick’s pocket after he was injured, but Janine denies this, claiming that she heard someone saying: “Take this b*tch home.”
A paramedic drove her home in Nick’s car and then left it next to the road.
While knowing the truth, Janine then went to Belinda’s house and told her that she and Nick were driving when two police officers pulled them over, started getting physical with Nick and then took him to jail.
“I was panicking,” says Janine. “The people at the pub told me that if I said anything there will be trouble,” she alleges. Belinda and Janine went to various police stations and then hospitals looking for Nick.
Belinda even went to Tygerberg hospital, but at that stage she never thought of looking for a John Doe.
Later on Sunday evening, the owner of Gopher’s Pub broke the news to her that Nick died that morning.
Since then her life has been turned upside-down.
Spokesperson for Goodwood police, W/O Wayne Theunis, says the bouncer told them that Nick fell, so they have only opened an inquest docket as opposed to a full-blown investigation.
Says Wayne: “The police were also not called to the scene. We only received the docket from Tygerberg hospital after the incident and his death. Another person will be coming forward this week to verify that his death was caused by natural causes.”
According to Karin, the police came to the pub three weeks later to look at the footage, but by then it was already deleted. Contact Goodwood police on 021 592 4430.