tbabruanThere was a time when it was just one family standing defiantly against the harsh realities of the world.
Today, however, they are not alone.
Over the last year the family has garnered the support of hundreds of Samaritans.
Ruan Belcher, the 15-year-old cerebral palsy patient of Edgemead, will soon be able to communicate again thanks to the giving nature of those who have been touched by his story.
Today, Ruan’s cup runneth over.
In April this year, TygerBurger reported in the article entitled “Lives change in moment of horror” how Ruan’s mother, Sheila, needed to raise R160 000 in order to buy an iControl for her son.
It is a communications platform that requires only eye movement, and since Ruan can only move his eyes with any semblance of control it is the ideal way for a new world to open up for the Belchers.
When the article was placed, Sheila was optimistic that she would be able to raise the money, but even her high expectations were exceeded when it took just eight months.
Ruan chuckles

TygerBurger visited the sunny residence on Monday and was greeted with smiles all around.

Even Ruan had an idea that something amazing has happened. The boy who once nearly died when he fell into a swimming pool, the boy who was in coma for several days and suffered severe brain damage, sporadically burst into a sincere chuckle during the interview.
His parents, Sheila and Herman, will be purchasing the iControl and a frustrating chapter of uncertainty will be concluded in their lives.
Finally they will know exactly what it is Ruan needs.
How did a silver lining come to brighten up several lives?
A host of humble hands made light work of raising the required funds.
So many, in fact, that Sheila cannot single out just one. And the support of all these people and organisations has left Sheila struggling to find the words to convey her gratitude.
Ruan’s eyes light up again while he hears his happy mother attempting to thank all those who helped.
“I don’t know where to start… I’m serious. Thank you sounds so… you know… I don’t know how to express this gratitude… Some like to be acknowledged and others prefers to stay anonymous…” she stumbles.
Sheila wants to name all those individuals who helped with the various fundraisers held this year, but if one had to write a list of people who helped then the article wouldn’t fit on the page.
Power of prayer

Every drop contributed to Ruan’s cup of hope.

And now, when it is so full of generosity, it becomes impossible to separate one act from another.
“I’ve learnt in life that if one really, really needs something then one should pray about it and leave it in the hands of God,” continues Sheila.
She has a new prayer now and she is hopeful that God will provide for her again.
Sheila wants to help others who are in her and Ruan’s position.
“I don’t want people to stop helping others. We all need each other,” she smiles determinedly.
Seeing how successfully she managed to raise all this money for her own son, her hopes of helping dozens of others seem a certainty.
God willing, of course.
Author Stacey Jay sums up Sheila’s burning desire to help as many people as she can when she said: “Never underestimate the allure of the goodwill.”