DANA Winner is no stranger to being adored.

The gorgeous and talented Belgian singer has been a popular performer in South Africa for many years. She has also done thousands of interviews, so she takes gawking journalists in her stride.

People’s Post spoke to her a few days before her recent show with Patrizio Buanne at GrandWest Casino.
Sadly, it was a telephonic interview. But, yes, it is possible to gawk over the phone.

“I’ve been to South Africa about 10 or 15 times. It’s always very exciting to come here,” says Winner.
“I always tell people wherever I go that South Africa has become my second home and it’s because of the many things you have in one country. This country has very warm and welcoming people and once you are in their hearts then you can never leave.”
This last part is certainly true for the stuttering, star-struck person asking the questions.

Winner bubbles on: “Cape Town has changed through the years. It’s now a very colourful place, and whenever we work there it’s like being on holiday.”
Winner performed at GrandWest Casino before, but she has never shared a stage with Patrizio.

When asked if it’s true that he is a flirter of note, she exclaimed “I can honestly say that I don’t know him that well, but he’s an Italian; what do you expect? No, really, I only met him an hour ago and he’s a very nice person. I recorded my vocals in Belgium and him in South Africa. Technical equipment nowadays makes it easy to combine those things. I can honestly say that it has become a very beautiful jewel.”

She emphasises the importance of voices going together, which “creates a bit of magic” but this journalist is wrestling with an acute bout of Patrizio-jealousy.
A change of subject was in order.
Does someone who has performed on stage thousands of times still get nervous?

“Always! But I need it. When I used to play volleyball, I played much better with nerves. It’s the same with performing,” she says, probably with an adorable glint in her eyes.
Sometimes the stage lights blind her from the audience, which she admits is “difficult”.
“It’s very nice when you see the people and their reactions. Otherwise it’s like singing in a studio. But you feel the audience. That’s also very exciting.”

Her favourite song is “Let the children have a world” which she apparently always delivers from the bottom of her heart.
“I’d like to sing it all over the world. It’s a beautiful message and I think we have to stay a little bit like a child. If we think like a child and feel like a child then we know what the song is all about. Children will always be our future.” Her daughter is now 12 years old, and motherhood and stardom is a delicate juggling act.

“She has her own thing. Mom’s music is like… you know. She loves dancing!”
Much like her daughter, Winner also likes to practise in private and, yes, even in the shower.
As for words of wisdom, Winner has plenty. “I always say that one should always dream. Sometimes they do come true. If you work hard enough, then you can achieve anything, but try to do it in a fair way.”

Thank you Dana! I will keep on dreaming.