I’m stuttering stop-start into an intermittent habit of blogging. So until I can implement my elaborate plans, this blog… Well. Is it a blog? Not really. In reality it’s an e-CV… So it’s really just there for my own records.


This site is dedicated to all those wonderfully entertaining people (and animals) I interviewed in Cape Town, South Africa.

I have been a journalist for seven years and have earned loads of money in that time. Loads. Unfortunately I put it all in an off-shore account and was consequently nailed by the taxman. My money now helps fund schools, roads and hats!

I don’t, however, write for the embarrassing riches,  but rather for the sheer satisfaction of it. Since journalists have so much time on their hands, I aim to improve this site weekly. This last point has not gone well for me.

Some of the above is, of course, completely false, but the articles are 99,999% correct. 

Enjoy! That’s an order by the way.